For three years, the Lotto-Soudal sprint train had stopped on the tracks. The trio’s Ewan-DeBuyst-Kluge couldn’t be separated in a big round, but now the Siamese triplet is surgically separated. “It’s difficult without experience together,” predicts former top sprinter Marcel Kittel.

Since joining Lotto-Soudal in 2019, Caleb Ewan has launched six grand tours. Roger Kluge of Germany was by his side on many grand tours. Yasper de Vist was present in 5 of the 6 cases. Only at the last Giro had to drop out the injured.

The Ewan train has been a huge success on tours with Giro in recent years. The Australians achieved nine stage victories (five on tour and four on Giro) after preparatory work by German and Belgian pilots. The engine stalled in the last two rounds, partly due to a sudden drop. So now they choose change.

History of Ewan trains near Lotto

Tour 2022 Jansse Van Rensburg Vermeer Frison
Giro 2022 Serig Kruge Schwartzman 0 wins (stage 12 statement)
Tool 2021 purchase Kruge Van der Sande 0 wins (stage 4 statement)
Giro 2021 purchase Kruge Oldania 2 wins (resignation stage 8)
Tour 2020 purchase Kruge Frison 2 wins
Tour 2019 purchase Kruge keukeleire 3 wins
Giro 2019 purchase Kruge Van der Sande 2 wins (stage 12 statement)

Training alone is not enough

Reinardt Janse van Rensburg will be Ewan’s new lead-out. South Africa was caught by Lotto-Soudal on May 1 because there was no team a few months ago. He served only once as an Australian sprint bomb pilot.

Brent van More, Florian Vermeersch and Frederik Frison will divide further preparatory work.

“I think it’s definitely a risk to take a whole new train on the tour,” Marcel Kittel told Sporza. “Sprinters like fixed patterns, and certainly on tour you have to be able to rely on your teammates.”

“You can practice the sprint train on stage, but you can’t simulate everything that accompanies a busy pace or race. You have to test it in competition. In the first stage, you might look for a little Ewan. I can’t. ”

Get off in the last 2 km

However, trails mean that you don’t have much time to search. “Winning fast is always important, but there are more opportunities on this tour than ever before. There are two opportunities in the first week, after which you just have to wait until stage 19,” explains Kittel.

“It’s going to be difficult, but of course not impossible. Ewan is good at positioning, but on tour he always needs a little help in the ultra-fast finals.”

“Maybe he should use his teammates to start the last two kilometers in a good position before doing his own thing,” Kittel said.

Maybe it’s because Roger Kluge hasn’t renewed his contract with Lotto yet.

It is not entirely clear why Lotto made this choice. It’s no big surprise that Yasper de Vist isn’t there. After a clavicle and pelvic fracture, he has not yet returned to his original level. However, Roger Kluge is basically free of physical illness.

“I’m sorry for Roger, maybe because his contract hasn’t been extended yet,” Kittel thinks aloud. “In any case, it’s a sign that Lotto wants to change in the sprint train.”

“There is a lot of pressure and uncertainty when the team isn’t running and in a lottery-like situation. It’s not when you really have to stay very calm. This is a framework. It also applies to. With the rider. “

Tour de France
get on date Vehicle type start end total winner leader
1 Individual time trial Copenhagen-Copenhagen 13.2 km
2 Road race Roskilde-Nyborg 202.2 km
3 Road race Vejle-Sonderborg 182 km
Four Road race Dunkirk-Curry 171.5 km
Five Road race Lille-Allen Berg 157 km
6 Road race Binche-Longwy 219.9 km
7 Road raceSemi-mountain stage Tomblaine-La Planche de Belle Phil 176.3 km
8 Road raceSemi-mountain stage Doll-Lausanne 186.3 km
9 Road raceSemi-mountain stage Aigle-Chatello 192.9 km
Ten Road raceSemi-mountain stage Morzine-Mejeve 148.1 km
11 11 Road raceMountain stage Albertville-Col de Granon 151.7 km
12 Road raceMountain stage Briancon-Alpe d’Huez 165.1 km
13 Road raceSemi-mountain stage Le Bourg-d’Azan-Saint-Etienne 192.6 km
14 Road raceSemi-mountain stage Saint-Etienne-Mendea 192.5 km
15 Road raceSemi-mountain stage Rodez-Carcassonne 202.5 km
16 16 Road raceSemi-mountain stage Carcassonne-Foy 178.5 km
17 17 Road raceMountain stage Saint-Gaudens-Peyragudes 129.7 km
18 18 Road raceMountain stage Lourdes-Howtakam 143.2 km
19 19 Road race Castelnau-Magnoac-Cahors 188.3 km
20 Individual time trial Lacapelle-Marival-Rocamadour 40.7 km
twenty one Road race Paris La Defense Arena-Paris 115.6 km

Source: Sporza


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