American sprinter Sha’Carri Richardson was unable to qualify for the 100-meter World Championships in athletics. At the American Championships, the 22-year-old finished fifth in the series at 11:31. Men’s Fred Kerley did much better in the fastest 9 minutes 83 seconds of the year.

Richardson was completely surprised at her favorite distance at Eugene, where the World Cup will be held next month (15 / 7-24 / 7). At 11 “31, she far exceeded her personal best of 10” 72, which ran in 2021. She has no chance to compete in the World Cup as she only finished fifth in the series.

Due to the cannabis suspension, Richardson was unable to compete in last year’s Olympics and is no longer in the World Cup. For many, she was one of 100 meters of gold’s favorite. Richardson can still qualify at 200 meters.

In the men’s race, second-placed Fred Kerley did what he was expected to do (for now). In 9 minutes and 83 seconds he ran the fastest 100 meters of all boys this year. So he doesn’t seem to be surprised either.

Source: Sporza


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