As a woman, can you make a living from your sports career?Or you can get rich with it too
Become? Yesterday, I was asked for an answer in the One series “Sport / woman”. Top athletes and former top athletes talked about their rewards and the great inequality between men’s and women’s sports.

You can see it all by looking at the list of Forbes in 2021. The 50 highest paid athletes in the world have only two women.

In soccer, the difference is very clear. Red Devils earns an average of € 200,000 a week. At Red Flames, the weekly wage is between € 1,000 and € 2,000.

“It always comes down to the attention of money and the media. It’s just sitting there because of the difference between men’s and women’s football. That’s something you shouldn’t miss,” he said.

Most G athletes at the international level earn nothing and must work in addition to their activities as top athletes. Only if you win the podium at the World Cup or Paralympics will you be eligible for a contract with Flanders Sports Vlanderen.

“I have a part-time contract with Sport Vlaanderen,” says G athlete Gitte Haenen. “I get paid according to my degree. For me, it’s a bachelor’s degree sports teacher, so what a sports teacher on average earns in Flanders is on that contract.”

Meanwhile, Henen lost his contract because he didn’t finish in the top three at the Paralympics.

“You have to spend everything first and then get it back at the end of the quarter.”

Olympic champion Nina Derwael has been one of the best gymnasts in the world in recent years. Her status is an employee of Sport Vlaanderen.

“I was very happy when I signed the deal. It was already very strange that I was paid to play sports.”

Athlete Rani Rossius does not receive a salary, but does receive an allowance for expenses.

“I need to spend everything first and then get it back at the end of the quarter, so I need money to spend it first,” says Rossius. “If I don’t have the savings I got from my parents right now, that was the case.
difficult. ”

“I think it’s Utopia that eliminates the wage gap.”

Basketball player Emma Meesseman moved to the Chicago Sky in the spring. The maximum salary for WNBA women’s basketball players is fixed at $ 215,000. The maximum salary for men is $ 45 million.

“Everyone has a market value. When broadcasting the NBA around the world, the market value is usually very high,” explains former basketball player Anwouters. “At the WNBA, the rights to these televisions are much less.”

“When sports are well-sold to women, they continue to be popular, then the media, and you can start a positive circle,” says WimLagae, a professor of sports marketing.

“But because of the historical and sociological backlog of women’s sports compared to men’s sports, we start with a huge backlog.”

“The more games we broadcast on TV, the more we can automatically see that the number of viewers has doubled,” says Meesseman. “If you don’t show the match, of course no one will see it.”

“I think it’s utopian to close the wage gap because everything depends on the backlog that started the catch-up race,” says WimLagae.

You can see the entire episode below:

Source: Sporza


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