David Goffin can leave Wimbledon with his head raised, but losing to Cameron Norrie in the quarterfinals can be annoying for a while. After a thrilling five-setter, Goffin realized he might have entered the semi-finals.

“It was a long and tough match, with lots of highs and lows,” David Goffin said. “I had a chance. It may not have been the last set, but I did it in set 4. But I managed to miss the chance.”

“Cameron Norrie has shown that he is a great fighter, which is also why he is in the top 10 in the world. He is very regular, solid and never gives up. I haven’t done that today either. He fought his way and deserved to be in the semi-finals. “

“Of course I’m disappointed, but it was a great tournament if I had the stock. I wasn’t even sure if I could participate after being injured at the French Open. But now I’m in the quarterfinals. There are many positive things I can bring with me in this tournament. “

The British press naturally wanted to know from Goffin if their butterflies had a chance against Novak Djokovic. “Whether he can beat Novak with the support of the masses? You never know. Maybe he’s playing a game of his life and Djokovic isn’t the top.”

“But still Novak Djokovic. He will play even better when the crowd is against him. He’s just an alien. I still don’t know how to defeat the aliens,” Goffin laughed. ..

Source: Sporza


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