While Wout van Aert made a big impression on his way to Curry, his old rival Mathieu van der Poel did not shine completely again. “But after riding the cobblestones, we may already speak differently.”

In the first week of last year’s tour, there was a great tango between Mathieu van der Paul and Wout van Aert. This year, the latter will dance alone for the time being. Ask Christophe Vandegoor and Sven Nys on the podcast Sporza Tour what’s wrong with the Dutch.

“I was hoping he would join us soon in some aspects of this tour,” says Nys. “His time trial promised a lot, but I expected him to act more as a lead-out and admitted that on his days off he still didn’t have the best legs.”

“Top form Matthew would always try to go with Wout on that climb. After all, it’s perfect for him.”

“You may be wondering what happened to Van der Poel in the last few months. First, in Giro, where he was impressive. Maybe he was a little too much to attack every day. Hmm.

“It’s not clear that we’ll be at the top of the tour with Giro. It’s possible that we haven’t found our right foot yet after advanced training. Also, he may not yet have found the top of supercompensation. But maybe he Will say that. For all cobblestones, Matthew and you never know. “

Tour de France
get on date Vehicle type start end total winner leader
1 Individual time trial Copenhagen-Copenhagen 13.2 km Lampaert Lampaert
2 Road race Roskilde-Nyborg 202.2 km Jacobsen From Aert
3 Road race Baile-Sonderborg 182 km Green road From Aert
Four Road race Dunkirk-Calais 171.5 km From Aert From Aert
Five Road race Lille-Allen Berg 157 km
6 Road race Binche-Longwy 219.9 km
7 Road raceSemi-mountain stage Tomblaine-La Planche de Belle Phil 176.3 km
8 Road raceSemi-mountain stage Doll-Lausanne 186.3 km
9 Road raceSemi-mountain stage Aigle-Chatello 192.9 km
Ten Road raceSemi-mountain stage Morzine-Mejeve 148.1 km
11 11 Road raceMountain stage Albertville-Col de Granon 151.7 km
12 Road raceMountain stage Briancon-Alpe d’Huez 165.1 km
13 Road raceSemi-mountain stage Le Bourg-d’Azan-Saint-Etienne 192.6 km
14 Road raceSemi-mountain stage Saint-Etienne-Mendea 192.5 km
15 Road raceSemi-mountain stage Rodez-Carcassonne 202.5 km
16 16 Road raceSemi-mountain stage Carcassonne-Foy 178.5 km
17 17 Road raceMountain stage Saint-Gaudens-Peyragudes 129.7 km
18 18 Road raceMountain stage Lourdes-Howtakam 143.2 km
19 19 Road race Castelnau-Magnoac-Cahors 188.3 km
20 Individual time trial Lacapelle-Marival-Rocamadour 40.7 km
twenty one Road race Paris La Defense Arena-Paris 115.6 km

Source: Sporza


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