The World Cup in Quebec (Canada) was a complete success for the Belgian, winning nine medals and three times the World Cup overall. With four gold medals, three silver medals and two bronze medals, they leave on Monday for the World Championships in Comeau, Canada.

Day 1: Tricycle and Hand Biker Time Trials

Silver for hand biker Hordies and tricycle Celen. This put them in excellent shape for the World Championships within a week.

Handbiker Van de Steen finished seventh.

Day 2: Motorcycle and Tandem Time Trials

Another great day for Paralympic Team Belgium. There are 4 counters.

Lewis Klink won the gold medal. Bronze was there for Vromant. Coen Heuvink finished seventh. Thomas Gorman and his team finished in 9th place.

Day 3: Handbike and tricycle road trip

Handbiker Hordies and Tricycle Celen Gold. Both are World Cup overall winners.

Handbiker Van de Steen finished fourth.

Day 4: Motorcycle and Tandem Road Trip

Klinke won gold again and won the World Cup overall.

Vromant won silver and Heuvinck won bronze.

Paralympic Team Belgium thus won nine medals and three overall victories at the World Cup.

Source: Sporza


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