Fabio Jakobsen was again the fastest on today’s Hungary tour. In many sprints, he especially defeated our compatriot Sasha Weemaes (3rd). Therefore, the Quick-Step Alpha Vinyl Sprint Bomb takes over the leader’s jersey from another compatriot, Jens Rainders.

Sprinters get the value of their money in Hungary. For the past two days, the stage has always ended with (massive) sprints, and today another sprinter was expected on the highest scaffolding.

Early in the rain, a quartet of noble and unknown perpetrators slipped off. Foursome has built a great lead. A noble attempt to turn his nose to the sprinter team.

But it was not counted in Hungary’s NMBS. The passing train stopped the attacker. In no time, Peloton was in front of the same barrier. It was never a happy reunion for refugees. Fortunately, race management once again allowed them some lead.

After all, it paused execution. In the final stages, a major group was caught in a hurry by Peloton. There, sprinter Sasha Weemaes sports Flemish Barois put the problem in their hands.

On the last straight line, mainly Fabio Jakobsen trains were exposed to intense steam. The Dutch thanked his wagon and jumped slightly in front of Israel Startup Nation Rudy Barbier to win.

For the Dutch, who take over the leader’s jersey from their compatriot Jens Reinders, this is their second consecutive win in the sprint. Sasha Wee Maes was third for two consecutive days.

Source: Sporza


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