Belgium finished track cycling at the European Championships with five medals. On the final day, Robeggis and Fabio van den Bosche won the team bronze in his race. Nicky de Roc also came close to a medal, but fell short of the podium.

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European Championship Track Cycling 16 August Belgians
Nicky De Rock Keirin first race 2nd (against HF)
Nicky De Rock Semifinals Keirin 1st place (up to F)
4:50 pm Kathryn De Clark Women’s team competition 10th
Maris Vanhove Women’s team competition 10th
5:35 p.m. Nicky De Rock final bicycle race 4th
6:10 p.m. Robbe Guiss plow race men bronze
Fabio van den Bosche plow race men bronze

Source: Sporza


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