5 games. 4 clean sheets. 19 saves, 1 goal only. These are the impressive numbers behind Simon Mignolet’s great playoffs. Therefore, goalkeepers have a large share of the Club Brugge title. Check out his best 10 saves from the playoffs below.

A goalkeeper appeared in front of Mike after a decisive match in Antwerp where Simon Mignolet had to stand the team upright in the first half. It was the most beautiful title for him, but was it probably the most difficult one?

“It wasn’t an easy season and I’m very happy to have made an important save,” Mignolet said.

“I can say I looked at myself in the mirror, hit my chest and did what I had to do.”

“These moments are why I’m still in the 34-year-old post.”

Check out Mignolet’s 10 best saves in the playoffs below:

Source: Sporza


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