In between all the football action, you can also enjoy crosses on TV this weekend. On Saturday he will be able to see two world champions at Kortrijk (X²O Trophy). At 12:15 pm on Sunday, Mathieu van der Poel makes his first appearance of the season in Hust. Watch all the action live at Sporza.

Saturday: Cyclocross at Kortrijk (X²O Trophy) and two world champions

  • Female start: 1:45 PM: Watch Live on Canvas,, and the sporza app
  • Start Male: 3pm: Watch Live on Canvas,, and the sporza app
  • Female main participants: World Champions Marianne Vos (Ned), Celine Alvarado (Ned), Zoe Backstead (GBr), Dennis Bessema (Ned), Lucinda Brand (Ned), Sanne Kant.
  • Main participants Male: World Champions Tom Pidcock (GBr), Eli Isserbit, Tibau Nis, Lars van der Haar (Ned) and Michael Vansrenhout.
Booth X²O Trophy Women’s Cyclocross
1. Fem van Empel (Netherlands)
2. Dennis Bessema (Ned) at 57 inches
3. Shirin van Anrooij (Netherlands) 1’24”
Four. Clara Honsinger (USA) 2 minutes 19 seconds
Five. Marie Shriver (Lux) 2 minutes 59 seconds
6. Aniek Van Alphen (Ned) 3’25”
7. Isabel Holmgren (Can) 4 minutes 51 seconds
8. Kionna Krabbe 4’54”
9. Eva Holmgren (Can) 4’56”
Ten. Ella McLean Howell (GBr) 4 minutes 58 seconds
Booth X²O Trophy Cyclocross Men
1. Lars van der Haar (Ned) at 1h03’20”
2. Eli Isabbit zt
3. Michael Vansrenhout in 21 inches
Four. Jens Adams 44″
Five. Pim Longhar (Ned) 1’11”
6. lander rocks 1’28”
7. Tibaw varnish 1 minute 31 seconds
8. View Vandebosch 1’58”
9. Thomas Mine (GBr) 2 minutes 23 seconds
Ten. Niels Vandeput 2 minutes 33 seconds

Sunday: Watch Mathieu van der Poel’s comeback at 12:15pm in Hurst (WB).

  • Female start: 11am: Follow live updates on and the sporza app
  • Start Male: 12:15pm: Live on Canvas, on the sporza app
  • Female main participants: Ceylin Alvarado (Ned), Dennis Bessema (Ned), Lucinda Brand (Ned), Sanne Kant, Pak Pieterse (Ned), Fem Van Empel (Ned)
  • Main participants Male: Eli Iserbyt, Tom Pidcock (GBr), Laurens Sweeck, Michael Vanthourenhout, Lars van der Haar (Ned)

Men’s Cyclocross World Cup Standings
1. Eli Isabbit 185 points
2. Lauren Sweak 184
3. Michael Vansrenhout 159
Four. Lars van der Haar (Ned) 140
Five. Niels Vandeput 107
6. View Vandebosch 78
7. Dan Soete 73
8. Jens Adams 71
9. Kevin Kuhn (ZWI) 65
Ten. Ryan Kamp (Ned) 64
Women’s Cyclocross World Cup Standings
1. Fem van Empel (Netherlands) 220 points
2. Celine Alvarado (Ned) 130
3. Puck Peters (Ned) 125
Four. Dennis Bessema (Ned) 120
Five. Inge van der Hayden (Ned) 110
6. Shirin van Anrooij (Netherlands) 109
7. Lucinda Bland (Ned) 96
8. Clara Honsinger (USA) 85
9. Anne-Marie Wurst (Ned) 80
Ten. Helen Closel (Hula) 67

Source: Sporza


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