July 16th will be the historic day of Belgian G-cycling. In Grenchen, Switzerland, three world time record attempts a day were suddenly attacked.

G-cyclists began their first tests at the Flanders Cycling Center Eddy Merckx in Ghent in 2019, but due to changes in the coronavirus, the 2021 scheduled date could not be run. Currently, a new date is set for July 16th in Grenchen, Switzerland.

“When I was a kid, I remember the world hour records of Tony Rominger, Miguel Indurine and Chris Boardman, and I still found them fascinating,” says Eut Fromant.

“A few years ago, I learned that para-cycling also has an hour record. I started planning around it.”

“I think it’s historic and magical for people to dare to attack the world’s hour records. I’ve heard it’s like dying for an hour on a bike,” says Griet Hoet. “I think I’m crazy about trying this only once in my life.”

“Tracks have always been my favorite part, so I wanted to do a world hour record at the end of my career,” says Schelfhout. “To promote sports among G-cyclists, I’m attacking a world hour record that isn’t getting enough attention right now.”

Established world time record

Next month, four Belgians in the class will try to improve the world time record.They are (for now) in the MC2 class under the Irish name Rider Colin Lynch (43.133km). In the MC3 class, it is called by the name of Darren Kenny (41.817 km) in the United Kingdom.

“There’s 45km in my head,” says Vromant (MC2), who needs to cover 1,867km more than the current record holder.

“Everything has evolved with paracycling. Everyone can run much faster because of the superiority of materials, training evolution and skin suits,” he says.

Due to injuries in recent months, preparations for Deederik Shelfhout (MC3) have been suspended. He pays a little more attention to his remarks. But it is certain that he wants to exceed 41,817 kilometers. “Of course I want it”

In women’s tandem, there is no official world hour record on the table yet. There are “unofficial” records set by the Australian tandem. They drove 42.930 kilometers away.

“We have the ambition to suffer for an hour, and we want to get stuck at a distance of 45 kilometers,” says Griet Hoet. In any case, their time will be the first in a women’s tandem record book.

Slope rider fixed cores attack hour records together

Slope-raising G-cyclists are made up of solid cores who have known each other for years. Therefore, trying to attack the hour record with four athletes at the same time was a logical choice.

“We started talking about the world’s hour records on a regular basis, so the idea started to come true with us all,” says Vromant.

“G-Sports Vlaanderen’s league coach, Remko Meeusen, was very enthusiastic because he was fascinated by the data and analysis of his training sessions. The world’s hour records fit perfectly.”

They have known each other for years, so they inspire each other more easily. “We take good care of each other,” says Schelfhout. “So that’s a very good motive.”

“We hope we can improve each other by writing stories together,” says Griet Hoet.

I would like to show that the Paralympic Games are equivalent to the Olympic Games.

This is a great opportunity to draw attention to G-Cycling and inspire other fellow patients.

“I want to show that the Paralympic Games are on par with the Olympic Games,” says Vromant. “We have to work just as hard for it.”

“We have to end our lives not because something serious has happened, but we can still accomplish many beautiful things,” Schelfhout adds.

“No matter what happens, I want people to be energetic and have fun,” he said.

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Source: Sporza


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