You must have been Cercle Brugge’s social media manager yesterday. After the announcement of the new logo, there was a wave of resentment and disgust far across the border. Experts defend the association’s choice: “It gives new energy to the digital arena.”

Yesterday, there was no lack of (media) attention to the new Cercle Brugge logo.

But whether that was the reaction the association wanted …

Especially on Twitter, football fans and Cercle supporters are almost collectively spitting out trendy designs. “Is this the worst rebranding ever?” Asked an account dedicated to logos.

On the other hand, this revelation was also the “trend topic” of Reddit, the world’s largest forum. The new Cercle logo was the third most talked-about football item of the day.


“I understand there’s a lot of criticism,” nods Dimitri Jeurissen, creative director of Base Design, an agency that works for global brands such as the New York Mets and Puma. “Change is very emotional to the supporters.”

Still, Jeurissen spears for a colleague whose design is inspired by their hats.He is certainly Positive about the new Cercle Brugge logo.

Gaudi Has a strong personality, “says Jeurissen. “It also gives new energy to the digital arena. Therefore, the parameters we are using now are different from the past. Identity needs to work well in new media.”

No decoction

Dimitri knows better than anyone that communication between fans and teams today is primarily digital. According to him, it is logical for the club to adapt.

“This logo is dynamic and strong,” he says. “The colors pop very hard and the typography is clear and very bold (bold, ed.). Everything fits clearly compared to the name.”

“Moreover, it’s not a decoction of anything else. It has its own personality. It’s very important.”

Cercle fans should adopt this logo.

So, Circle fans shouldn’t be shy to walk around with a logo on their chest.

“They should accept this logo,” says Jeurissen. “Accept it! I know it’s a long process and sensitive. Look at Juventus, who radically changed its logo a few years ago.”

I wonder if Cercle supporters will accept it …

Source: Sporza


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