Are you done or are you close to work? Peter van den Bempt is not convinced after the Red Devils’ 2–1 win over Wales. “It seemed a little too similar to the matches the Belgian has had in recent months, which was not encouraging.”

Did this comfort you? No, it’s not accurate.

This wasn’t an achievement that you would later sit down and say, ‘This is going to be okay for the World Cup.

There were ten very mediocre minutes and the Belgians inexplicably weakened. They then played well until the break with Kevin De Bruyne as manager.

Although he stood out, the Welshman rolled out the red carpet and defended very weakly.

The Belgians worked well together and could have gone 3-0 or 4-0. Then we added some goals in the second half, but I think they came to a complete stop.

After the many goals, we had control but could hardly create chances. That’s not reassuring at all.

There were no good combination games left, some press phases in their own penalty area, and yet another goal.

Then again, this seems a little too similar to the matches the Belgians have played in the last few months.

There was still control, but little opportunity to enforce. That’s not reassuring at all.

The Devils will face the Netherlands on Sunday. Group gains are still mathematically possible, but seem to fly.

Belgium still has to put the country at ease on Sunday, but don’t get on a plane to Qatar in a bad mood in a few months.

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“I didn’t learn anything about adding selections”

Of course, there was Kevin De Bruyne, but Michy Batshuayi did very well too.

On the side, we see Thomas Meunier and Yannick Carrasco being the club’s fundamental players and in better shape, but 10 of the fundamental team’s 11 players are already World Cup hopefuls. I am sure of my choice.

We were looking forward to the debut of Xeno Devast. We were cool and didn’t take a lot of risks, but we were smashed in the air when the goal was conceded.

However, the invaders did not bring any real added value. We haven’t learned anything tonight about adding a selection that already consists of about 20 players.

Peter Vandenbemp

Source: Sporza


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