The Belgian Cats will have to face hosts Australia or Canada in the quarterfinals of the World Cup. The draw will take place in Sydney this afternoon at around 3:15 pm Belgian time to find out who the Belgian women’s next opponent will be.

Belgium finished third in their group on Tuesday and will face the other group’s No. 1 or No. 2 in the quarterfinals. A lot could still happen today, but in the meantime all group matches have been completed.

In Group B, hosts Australia beat Japan and France were the group winners thanks to a loss to European champions Serbia. Canada finished second in the group with her four wins over Australia in five group games. Serbia and France also advanced to the quarterfinals.

In the draw, numbers 1 and 2 are matched with numbers 3 and 4 from another group. Belgium is her 3rd, so Australia or Canada. His No. 1 and his No. 2 in the same group will never meet in the semi-finals. A duel between the winners of the two groups is also possible only in the final.

The draw will be available from 3:30pm.

Belgian cat at basketball world cup

program group a
22/09 America Belgium 87-72
23/09 Belgium Korea 84-61
24/09 Puerto Rico Belgium 65-68
26/09 Belgium Bosnia 85-55
27/09 China Belgium 81-55
stand in group A
meters W. +/- point
1. America Five Five 0 +231 Ten
2. China Five Four 1 +157 9
3. Belgium Five 3 2 +15 8
Four. Puerto Rico Five 2 3 -59 7
Five. Korea Five 1 Four -148 6
6. Bosnia-Herzegovina Five 0 Five -196 Five

The top four advance to the quarterfinals.

Final standings of other groups:

Group B
meters W. +/- point
1. Australia Five Four 1 +82 9
2. Canada Five Four 1 +55 9
3. Serbia Five 3 2 +2 8
Four. France Five 3 2 +22 8
Five. Japan Five 1 Four -17 6
6. Mali Five 0 Five -144 Five

Source: Sporza


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