The Pro League Board will meet on Wednesday to discuss the competition format for the 2023-2024 season. As always, the positions are so different that it promises to be a lively debate.

The agreement currently at the table will reduce the Jupiler Pro League to 16 teams again after next season, resulting in the need to demote 3 teams next year. The K11 team does not agree.

After the post-2019-2020 season procedures, it was agreed that 18 clubs would play soccer for two seasons. The agreement was extended to one season last year, returning from 2023-2024 to 16 clubs.

The fact that three clubs have to be delegated in that scenario is a thorn on the side of a small club that is still feeling the aftermath of the corona crisis. Demotion can also cause a financial hangover.

Last season, the integration of the 1B and amateur series promise teams was still used as a minor change to get a postponement of the year. K11 also lost thinking about another means of negotiation, the BeNe League, after the Dutch club rejected the option.

The purpose seems to be a stable and widely supported format, so it’s certain for the next few years. There are 16 team formats in the table, but they can still be adapted (from a long-term perspective) and then fixed for a few years. CEO Lorin Parys faces the first major internal mission, following an action plan developed in collaboration with the Ministry of Home Affairs for supporter misconduct.

12 clubs in 1A?

Brainstorming may use surveys submitted to 26 ProClubs last September. The London consultancy Twenty First Group then proposed a league format of 12 clubs in 1A and 12 or 14 clubs in 1B, with a playoff at the end of the season.

Thus, it broke through some taboos, but nevertheless was received with careful applause in federal buildings. According to the Twenty First Group, their format ensures that the Pro League will be the sixth European tournament.

The calendar layout will increase your bet match and better distribute your TV money. The plan allowed promising teams to participate only in the amateur series. This is like a stumbling block in Genk, Club Brugge, Anderlecht, Standard. to be continued.

Source: Sporza


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