He shot Morocco with two crucial goals in their jump-off match to the World Cup against Congo. Morocco once again faces an important duel with Red his Devils, but they have no amulet. Tariq Tisudari was forced to watch the match on TV on Sunday. Despite his setbacks, he is full of love when he tells us about the national team.

Tariq Tissoudari introduces Morocco

Morocco goes to war

While he himself will be in Belgium to watch the Red Devils game with family and friends, Tariq Tissoudari predicts that public life in Morocco will stop around 2pm on Sunday.

Football is by far the number one sport in Morocco. “Moroccan fans are very enthusiastic. They are full of adrenaline and roar three times as loud as he is in Belgium.”

Tissoudari expects a lot of fans at the stadium, so the Red Devils are better prepared. I don’t care, everyone wants to go to Qatar.”

If Romelu Lukaku suffers from a mild illness, I would not advise him to play. Morocco is no better.

“We are in a difficult group with Croatia and Belgium being big names. The Red Devils are the top favorites in the group. Belgium are the top nations in this World Cup but it will be a war on the field,” said AA Gent. is predicting.player.

“The South American and African nations will give their all and the details will make the difference. If Romelu Lukaku is suffering from a minor illness, I would not advise him to play. Morocco will do well.” I don’t think so.

“Moroccan fans want to see jerks”

The 22nd-ranked country in FIFA is a formidable opponent for the Red Devils. Morocco is participating in her sixth World Cup and combines individual talent with great national pride.

“The stars of the team are Achraf Hakimi, Hakim Ziyech, Sofian Boufal and Nuser Mazrawi, but everyone in the national team shirt is actually playing for the whole country,” Tariq said. Tisudari explains.

We are not going to play anti-football.

“You only realize it when you’re in Morocco itself. National team players are treated like kings provided they give their all for the team. Fans want to see the spasms. Love for your country. ,Africa.”

Tissoudari sees an opportunity for his compatriot in the Red Devils’ defensive compartment. “Morocco play creatively, aggressively, with a lot of movement. They never play anti-football, they are not made for it.”

Is Tissoudari aware of his team’s weaknesses? “Of course I’m not going to tell them,” laughs the Ghent player. “It would be a betrayal of my country.”

A warm welcome to El Kannoos

Next, I will point out the uncertain factors in Morocco. National coach Walidre Gulagi said three months before the start of the tournament that he had just taken over from Wahid Halilhodzic. Regragui was surprised by his selection of Genk player Bilal El Khanouss (18).

“I was a little bit anticipating his selection,” says Tariq Tissoudari. “The national coach didn’t ask me about Bilal, but he deserves this.”

Sent a message to some players to properly catch El Kannoos.

“Of course, there is a lot of competition, but I know from my own experience that if he shows himself in training, he has a chance to play for a few minutes.

“I sent a message to some players before the tournament and received El Cannous properly. It must have happened because the atmosphere in the national team is always warm.”

“Hopefully I can do the stunts on Sunday. Morocco is not my favorite, but I want to survive in the group, so we’ll see round by round.”

Source: Sporza


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