Sergio Ramos’s headbutt still bothers him. Eight years after playing in the Champions League final against Atletico, Thibaut Courtois can once again aim for the cup with big ears. Is it possible to get rid of the nation’s number one Lisbon hangover with his brother Real Madrid?

“Now I’m finally on the right,” Thibaut Courtois winked the day before his second CL final in his career. Comments that don’t work for Atletico supporters.

In 2014, it had to be the night of Diego Simeone’s men in Lisbon. Contrary to the city’s rival Real Madrid, the 22-year-old Courtois scored a goal and aimed at the cup with big ears.

92 minutes. That is the period during which Courtois was allowed to dream of the title. From blue to causing Bolt by Sergio Ramos. An unstoppable buffalo punch knocked on the Belgian goalkeeper. Goalkeepers had no choice but to expect the best overtime.

To make matters worse, Real scored three more goals and won the cup. The illusion of Lisbon was born. Courtois never approached an overall victory in the Champions League next year.

Indispensable for a team without mistakes

Eight years later, Red Devil is preparing for the final again. Not with Atletico, but with the wonderful Real Madrid. The team that holds the patent for the most important game of the year.

They can thank the goalkeeper for this season. Thibaut Courtois has overtaken the stars of Paris Saint-Germain, Chelsea and Manchester City in a world bailout.

Now it can and shouldn’t work again …

If Real is in the Champions League final, win the title

Therefore, Courtois is very confident in the good results. “As we know, if Real is in the Champions League final, they will win the title.”

Statement that the numbers are highlighted in golden ink: Real has won the last seven championship finals. Will Thibaut Courtois add number 8?

Source: Sporza


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