The end of Chelsea has come to light. The British football club today announced that it has reached a “final agreement” with Todd Boehly, an American consortium of businessmen, Clearlake Capital. The club will be in the hands of the United States from Monday.

Chelsea announced today that a “final agreement” has been reached with American consortium Clearlake Capital to sell the club, led by businessman Todd Bailey, co-owner of the Los Angeles Dodgers baseball team. ..

Recently, the Premier League and the British and Portuguese governments have already approved the transaction. Portugal is involved in the deal as Roman Abramovich, who still owns Chelsea, has been an official citizen of Portugal since last year. Russian billionaires sold the club as a result of the war in Ukraine. On Monday, Abramovich will definitely hand over his Chelsea.

Americans will pay £ 2.5 billion (€ 2.9 billion) to take over Chelsea from Abramovich and invest £ 1.75 billion (€ 2 billion) in the club.

The purchase price, converted into approximately 3 billion euros, will be donated to charity, not Russia. He immediately agreed. Abramovich has been leading the club since 2003, but is now on the UK sanctions list due to his relationship with Russian President Vladimir Putin.

Chelsea He finished third in the Premier League last season. The Red Devil Romelu Lukaku club lost the FA Cup and League Cup finals every time they played against Liverpool. In the Champions League, Real Madrid was too strong in the quarterfinals.

Source: Sporza


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