Tonight’s champions Anderlecht and Standard will compete for the Belgian Cup for women at the KV Mechelen stadium. Sporza has gathered two powerful keeper / girlfriends to look ahead. Standard striker Davidia Vanmechelen and Anderlecht goalkeeper Justien Odeurs. You can follow the match live on Text and Radio 1.

Anderlecht is waiting for the 11th cup since 2013

Anderlecht vs. Standard, it’s a tough and fierce rivalry. But this is barely noticeable when you see Anderlecht goalkeeper Justyen O’Durles and Standard attacker Davinia Van Meschelen sitting comfortably next to each other.

“We knew each other for a long time,” says Odeurs. “We played together for a long time and headed for the national team together. We have rivals, but mostly friendly rivals.”

For Anderlecht, they haven’t been able to win the cup again since 2013. They lost the last two finals and the RSCA women have 10 cups.

“Like the Anderlecht men, they are struggling with the cup,” Van Meschelen grins. “We (Standard) are weak after all, so I hope we’ll stay that way this weekend.” Standard is the eighth and last in 2018 after winning 2-0 against Genk. Won the cup.

“The cup final is always hard to judge,” Odeurs nuances. “This is one of the games where everything is possible. Standard is a fully rechargeable team that requires strength and enthusiasm. This is a feature that many teams are struggling with.”

Like the Anderlecht guys, they are struggling with the cup.

Women’s football on the rise

Women’s soccer continues to be popular. “I don’t think it’s more than normal,” Odeurs says. “Women’s football is just an agenda. It’s our responsibility to make a great match.”

Finally, the two players can both put their dream scenario on the table for tonight’s match.

“We will sign the same result as the match we won against Anderlecht this season,” Van Mechelen said. “Please score a goal 1-0 at the very end.”

“You can score in the last minute of the official, and you’ll score in overtime and achieve that with a penalty,” Odeurs said.

Women’s soccer is just an item on the agenda.

See the full double interview below

Source: Sporza


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