The Belgian field runner has received a push for a ticket to the European Championship from Roeselare’s Crosscup organization. Heavy rain can quickly make the track very muddy and heavy, but the most difficult parts are removed to keep the time difference to the Belgians as small as possible.

Field runners are trying to get tickets to the European Championship at Roeselare, so they don’t have time to watch the Red Devils on Sunday. The European Championship will be held in Turin on his December 11th.

Runners will be offered an alternative course due to rain. Heavy rain often makes parts of the course very heavy, but this time the strip is broken. This should make the circuit lighter and faster.

target? Send as many Belgians as possible to the European Championships.

“I looked at last year’s results again and they were also tough,” says course designer Jos Van Roy. “And it was worth noting that the gap between the winner and his fourth place was much greater than in his dry edition.” And with the European Championship’s new selection criteria, the difference suddenly becomes significant.

The first Belgian on Sunday will automatically be allowed to go to the European Championships. increase. The condition is that one of the top four horses must be within the top 35 in Europe in the 5,000m, 10,000m, 3,000m steeplechase or marathon that year, and win. difference between him and his 4th place on Sunday. Men must not exceed 40 seconds for her and women for 55 seconds for her. Mixed teams are also an option.

“We hope the course adjustments will help the runners reach the European Championships.”

Source: Sporza


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