Guillaume Shay has extended the title of Time Trial with Elite 2 of Garfere. He was punished for colliding with a traffic light during reconnaissance and having to complete a time trial on a bicycle borrowed from Quickstep Alpha Vinyl.

“From 8:30 am, we were allowed to explore the time trial course. We completed about 75% of the course when we approached the blind bend,” explains Guillaume Shay.

“A traffic light car is parked on the railroad track. He stood next to his car talking to a police officer. I hit the corner of the car and the traffic light.”

“I hit my shoulders and hands badly, but most of all, my time trial bike broke halfway through. I had to use an ambulance for the first care.”

“My wife, Tiana, toured the team to see if someone could lend her a bike. Just 15 minutes before the start, I found a bike that could be rented at Quickstep Alpha Vinyl. Later, I was able to leave just in time. “”

“I’ve finished a pure adrenaline time trial. I also had a bit of pure anger. I couldn’t warm up and it was stressful. I didn’t have a heart rate monitor or cycle computer. I didn’t know anything. “

Source: Sporza


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