The Belgian women’s soccer team scored three more goals against Northern Ireland in the final, with Wankelhofen scoring two goals. Boost for red flames that only come back after a long injury.

Some people frowned upon the selection of Ella van Kerkhofen for football in the European Championship. “I don’t see this as an answer to my doubts and criticisms right now.”

“It was a very emotional 15 minutes. It was worth it. It was very nice to be able to come back like this. Everyone dreams of it.”

Her first goal fell in her head. “That’s certainly one of my strengths. I’m glad I was able to show it today.”

Van Kerkhoven hopes to be able to make more and more time in upcoming games. “It would be weird if you didn’t want it, but I’m guided by the medical staff. It’s not my decision.”

See two goals of EllaVan Kerkhoven

Source: Sporza


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