Thomas de Ghent won the stage of his fifth Grand Tour in his career. “The second victory at Giro, 10 years after Stelvio.”

The expression “seeing Naples and dying” is famous. However, it was exactly Naples that saw the resurrection of Thomas de Ghent. Thomas de Ghent was allowed to cheer again more than a year after his last professional victory.

“If I said I would win the stage at Giro two weeks ago, I wouldn’t believe it because my body shape is still terrible.”

“This was a stage that suits me a bit like the Barcelona stage of the Catalan tour (he has already won twice). I had little time to recover throughout the day.”

“When Mathieu van der Paul went up a steep uphill, all three had to pass, but others were van der Paul, Gilmai, Ulissi.”

“I was able to keep it in 30 seconds. Later I worked to allow Harm (Fan Fouquet) to attack the climb, but Harum didn’t have the foot to do that,” he admitted.

“Three kilometers from the end, I told Harm. I’m sure I’ll lead myself and finish it in the sprint, and it worked 10 years after my Stelvio victory.”

Giro d’Italia
get on date Vehicle type start end total winner leader
1 Road race Budapest-Visegrad 195 km Van der Poel Van der Poel
2 Individual time trial Budapest-Budapest 9.2 km Yates Van der Poel
3 Road race Caposhbar-Balaton Fured 201 km Cavendish Van der Poel
Four Road raceSemi-mountain stage Avola-Etona 172 km Kamuna Lopez
Five Road raceSemi-mountain stage Catania-Messina 174 km De Mare Lopez
6 Road race Palmy-Scarea 192 km De Mare Lopez
7 Road raceMountain stage Diamante-Potenza 196 km builder Lopez
8 Road race Naples-Naples 153 km De Gendt Lopez
9 Road raceMountain stage Isernia-Blockhouse 191 km
Ten Road race Pescara-Jesic 196 km
11 11 Road race Santa Lucangelo di Romagna-Reggio Emilia 203 km
12 Road raceSemi-mountain stage Palma-Genoa 204 km
13 Road raceSemi-mountain stage Sanremo-Cuneo 150 km
14 Road raceMountain stage Santena-Turin 147 km
15 Road raceMountain stage Rivalolo Canavese-Cogne 177 km
16 16 Road raceMountain stage Salo-Aprica 202 km
17 17 Road raceMountain stage Ponte di Legno-Lavarone 168 km
18 18 Road race Borgo Barsugana-Treviso 152 km
19 19 Road raceMountain stage Marrano Lagunale-Santuario di Castelmonte 178 km
20 Road raceMountain stage Belluno-Passo di Fedia 168 km
twenty one Individual time trial Verona-Verona 17.4 km

Source: Sporza


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