Volleyball deputy champion Mennen has announced his latest transfer. Front corner player Maxim Cape came from the French club Tourcoing. He must help the departure of Seppe Rotty and Simon Plaskie.

Many important pawns were robbed after Mennen’s strong season when only Roeselare turned out to be too strong. Both Seppe Rotty and Simon Plaskie, who were named last season’s players of the year, set out for their rivals Roeselare.

Menen needed to look for an alternative and found it in France. 24-year-old Maxim Cape joins the team. It’s his first foreign adventure.

“At his 201 cm, he can not only be an important pawn for Frank Depestere’s team in the corner, but also be aggressive as well as block,” Mennen explained of Capet’s choice. increase. He signed a one-year contract.

Source: Sporza


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