Tens of thousands of Ukrainians ended up in our country because of the war in Ukraine. After spending a few months in Belgium, Voetbal Vlaanderen want their young players to return to football. As such, it has developed a toolkit to “help Ukrainian footballers find their way to clubs and support them there.”

Since February of this year, many football clubs in Flanders have been contacted by passionate Ukrainian footballers or their parents. As such, the RBFA has relaxed some rules regarding registration, dues and transfers.

But the club didn’t know where people were staying or what their rights were,” explains Ismail Eddegdag of Voetbal Vlaanderen. “That is why we have developed a toolkit to find all general information about Ukrainians in our country.”

In addition, we are tackling the communication gap between clubs and Ukrainian footballers and parents. “We have considered every step of the registration process: communication, notification, support and follow-up,” spokesman Nand De Klerck said. All documents were prepared in Dutch, Ukrainian and Russian.

Some young people find their way to clubs to re-enjoy their favorite hobby of playing soccer. Watch the video below for testimonials from young footballers and their mothers.

Source: Sporza


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