Intermarché-Wanti Gobert seems to be starting this Tour de France under a bad star. The Belgian team left Quinten Hermans at home and he reacted sharply. Hermans is currently being countered by the performance manager of his team. He is also not afraid of strong remarks.

Quinten Hermanns’ “njet” resonates. The puncher couldn’t stand the explanation he received from performance manager Aike Visbeak about the unexpected non-selection of the Tour de France.

The team initially kept their lips firm, but in Copenhagen Visbeek was on his side of the story.

The Dutch read Hermans’ reaction. He said he thought the team would ruin the atmosphere as he switched to Alpecin Decunink next year.

“Quinten shouldn’t say now because he doesn’t know why he’s ruining the atmosphere. The atmosphere was already bad. He proved us right in that reaction.

It has been chaotic with Quinten since November. People on our team tried to repair the damage, and they succeeded before spring, but the situation just got out of hand after that.

“Obviously this wasn’t easy and it wasn’t a good decision, but it didn’t happen overnight.”

“We’ve been chaotic with Quinten since November. People on our team tried to repair the damage and succeeded before spring, but the situation got out of hand after that. The last two months have been particularly difficult.”

Intermarché-Wanti Gobert wanted to connect Hermans with him longer, but negotiations were postponed for a long time.

“Quinten has always been a privileged position on the team. We have always supported him just to prepare for his cross-season.”

“But in the last few weeks, too many things have happened. For eight months, there have been discussions with all the emotions that come with it.”

“We wanted to avoid more emotions and distractions.”

And that emotional roller coaster has now reached its boiling point. “People were angry and disappointed. There are many aspects to the story.”

“All of these feelings have been gathered in the last few weeks and this wasn’t a good situation, so we’ve recently talked about it and decided to leave Quinten at home.”

“The tour is almost a four-week race and stressful. I sit on the bus for four weeks and live nearby, so that the team will not only send the strongest eight riders, but also hang up. Must be sent together. Together, it can fight for our goals. “

“In the spring, our good atmosphere was widely praised. That is, the rider goes above himself and achieves better performance. We didn’t want to give in to it. Already on the tour There is enough stress. We wanted to avoid it even more. Emotions and distractions. “

In the spring, our good atmosphere is widely appreciated and riders can rise above themselves and achieve better performance. We didn’t want to give in to it.

Tour de France
get on date Vehicle type start end total winner leader
1 Individual time trial Copenhagen-Copenhagen 13.2 km
2 Road race Roskilde-Nyborg 202.2 km
3 Road race Vejle-Sonderborg 182 km
Four Road race Dunkirk-Curry 171.5 km
Five Road race Lille-Allen Berg 157 km
6 Road race Binche-Longwy 219.9 km
7 Road raceSemi-mountain stage Tomblaine-La Planche de Belle Phil 176.3 km
8 Road raceSemi-mountain stage Doll-Lausanne 186.3 km
9 Road raceSemi-mountain stage Aigle-Chatello 192.9 km
Ten Road raceSemi-mountain stage Morzine-Mejeve 148.1 km
11 11 Road raceMountain stage Albertville-Col de Granon 151.7 km
12 Road raceMountain stage Briancon-Alpe d’Huez 165.1 km
13 Road raceSemi-mountain stage Le Bourg-d’Azan-Saint-Etienne 192.6 km
14 Road raceSemi-mountain stage Saint-Etienne-Mendea 192.5 km
15 Road raceSemi-mountain stage Rodez-Carcassonne 202.5 km
16 16 Road raceSemi-mountain stage Carcassonne-Foy 178.5 km
17 17 Road raceMountain stage Saint-Gaudens-Peyragudes 129.7 km
18 18 Road raceMountain stage Lourdes-Howtakam 143.2 km
19 19 Road race Castelnau-Magnoac-Cahors 188.3 km
20 Individual time trial Lacapelle-Marival-Rocamadour 40.7 km
twenty one Road race Paris La Defense Arena-Paris 115.6 km

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