Intigriti, an Earlst company that already works with 50,000 ethical hackers from around the world, has raised € 21 million. With this money, the company can expand further overseas. “We connect businesses with ethical hackers to detect leaks and security issues,” says ethical hacker IntiDeCeukelaire.

With Intigriti, a partner of Arst’s ethical hacker IntiDe Ceukelaire, “Hacker’s head“After the round of investment, there will be an additional € 21 million for the account. This company is actually a platform already used by 50,000 ethical hackers in 140 countries to find jobs. “We are always checking the meat in the tub,” says De Ceukelaire. “Then we brought them into contact with the company.”

Leaks and security issues

Those companies will participate conspiracy We are correctly asking you to find leaks and other security issues. In recent years, especially as many people work from home and more systems are exposed to the Internet, the need for control is increasing. The company’s ethical hackers work on questions to find potential leaks. If they find a problem, Intigriti will check again.

Ethical hacking is testing a company’s security systems and networks. Hackers break into these systems to find and fix errors and leaks. This is how we fight cybercrime.

What is convenient for businesses is that many ethical hackers can test it. “And you only have to pay for something if the leak is actually found,” says De Ceukelaire. “As a company, you choose the amount you pay.” These companies come from a variety of disciplines. “Even the shoe company Torfs is protected by ethical hackers.”

21 million euros

The company has now raised € 21 million. “Funds come from a variety of sources. The biggest is the UK fund Octopus Ventures. It’s a huge investor in Europe.”

Leak detection costs an average of € 100 for a very small problem, but can be as high as € 100,000 in the event of a serious security breach, De Ceukelaire says. The € 21 million ethical hacker company wants to focus more on the US and Asian markets.

Earl Stotech Hub?

The company, which currently has 85 employees, is located in Earlst. “San Francisco in Dender,” he laughs. “But I think Arst is sometimes underestimated. There are very good hackers here. And it’s an ideal place between Ghent and Brussels. If it’s up to me, this is It is the following. Tech hub From Belgium. ”

The company is also expanding with offices in various Belgian states and Singapore, South Africa and the United Kingdom.

Source: vrt


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