A message appears on Facebook that retail chain Decathlon is giving away bikes for free, but it’s not true. The message is not from Decathlon. Scammers may be at work.The same can be said of so-called homogenous farming., A classic trick for monetizing likes and dates.

On the Facebook page “Decathlon Fans” you can read how the sports store Decathlon is giving away a slightly damaged bike for free if you comment or share below the message.

Decathlon advises people not to do this and not like the page as it can lead to internet scams and scams. In the meantime, messages will also appear on Facebook in German and Portuguese. Decathlon has reported this misleading message to Facebook and hopes it will be taken offline soon as the page and post have been shared widely, Decathlon said in a statement.

This isn’t the first time we’ve seen a page of a company promising free stuff that has nothing to do with the actual company.Just last week, many people “small house” I was able to win. Recently, a message has been circulating on Facebook that you can earn a mobile home by replying or sharing messages.

“Agriculture-like” Phenomenon

Sharing something or leaving a comment somewhere is not always harmless.there is a phenomenon like similar farming. This is about using fake messages to maximize the interaction and popularity of your page. Then the name was changed, the page was sold and all the followers are there. In this way, you suddenly and unwittingly follow pages full of propaganda or deceptive purposes.

Another possible form of fraud is having your followers complete the final step of subscribing to a specific link after sharing a post. Then you have to fill in your details and answer questions, which may lead you to the company mailing list or phone list.This is how Facebook page owners make money.

It never hurts to scroll through Facebook pages that give away free stuff. If the page is new, there are few messages on it, and if it’s written in bad Dutch, the bell rings.

Source: vrt


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