A video of Russian President Vladimir Putin urging soldiers to cross their arms and start retreating has been broadcast on social media. However, there is nothing in it. This is about a deepfake video sent by a Ukrainian activist on the far right. Deepfake allows you to make fake videos look real with the help of artificial intelligence.

“Dear Brothers, the subject of my intervention is on the situation in Ukraine. Negotiations with Ukraine are currently underway and are very fruitful for the Russian delegation. Therefore, I would like to inform you briefly. We have settled with Ukraine at an internationally recognized border, including the Donetsk and Lugansk regions. “

Russian President Vladimir Putin may have dropped some jaws this week when he spoke to the country in Russian from his desk. Kremlin’s 180 degree diplomatic turn? No, it is the work of Ukrainian civil activist Serhii Sternenko. Attorneys and members of the regional committee in the right-wing sector of the far-right party manipulated images from a previous speech by Putin on February 21.

Watch a deepfake video with Vladimir Putin here

Thus, Sternenko challenged the so-called “deepfake,” which is an abbreviation for the term. Fake news When Deep learning† In deep learning, the software uses artificial intelligence to train the recognition of facial expressions and personal features. In this way, the face of the actor can eventually be replaced with the face of someone familiar with computer programs. Reliable deepfake also requires a good voice actor and someone who can imitate someone else’s body language.


I had to wait for Putin’s first deepfake to surface. In modern information warfare, sooner or later fake videos will appear.The video of this once appeared Former President Barack Obama takes over his successor, Donald Trump Total dip sit Called† Obama might have thought so, but he never said those words in front of the camera. Two years ago, when Prime Minister Sophie Wilmes (MR) gave a fictitious speech in a manipulated video, the Extinction Rebellion (XR) of climate change caused a turmoil in our country.

The fact that Putin is discussing a peace agreement with Ukraine may be considered lucky in the current situation. Many people and the media quickly realized that it was a deepfake, as recent civilian bombing of civilian targets and media statements of the president’s incendiary have been removed from the content of this video so far. rice field. Meanwhile, Twitter also warned Sternenko’s tweet.

By the way, counterfeiting has surfaced on the Russian side as well. With a rather clumsy deepfake, Ukrainian President Zelensky calls for resistance to laying down weapons and surrendering. The video was delivered via a Ukrainian website hacked by Russians.

Ukrainian President Zelensky’s Deepfake Video:

Abuse of fame

So far, both Russian and Ukrainian counterfeits seem to have done little damage. But what if a more credible message spreads through professionally created deepfake? For example, when a politician with a certain fame or a journalist with a certain credibility is used in a high-speed news stream to send a manipulated message, a panic or reaction (too) is quick. Become.

Online tools like Deep wear Helps you quickly check the video for tampering with yourself.

Source: vrt


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