Tesla CEO Elon Musk and singer Grimes welcomed their second child together. The girl was given a special name, Exa Dark Sideræl Musk, and she was born in December. Grimes and Musk called on her surrogate mother. Surrogacy is clearly an increasingly emerging phenomenon among celebrities, is that really the case?

Canadian singer Grimes and South African billionaire Elon Musk have a second child. Grimes had serious complications during his first pregnancy, so his surrogate mother gave birth to his daughter ExaDark Sideræl Musk in December.

Surrogacy? In surrogacy, a surrogate mother gives birth to a baby on behalf of a person or couple who / cannot carry the child on their own for a variety of reasons. This can be done using eggs from the surrogate mother or eggs from the intended mother.

33-year-old Grimes finally gets the news Interview with Vanity Fair† She almost had to do that because a Vanity Fair reporter happened to hear the girl cry. The Grimes and Mask couple already have a boy born in May 2020. He was given the name XÆA-12 and the nickname X.

Elon Musk and his son X

According to Grimes, she and Mask want more kids together. “I want three or four,” Grimes told Vanity Fair. The 50-year-old Musk divorced three times and became a father eight times. Elon Musk and Grimes have been living separately since September last year. “We live in separate homes, but we are best friends and we meet a lot with each other. We just do ourselves and others understand it. I don’t expect that, “Grimes said.

Having a child in surrogacy is no longer taboo, but it is usually Happy few (With money, it depends on the country). In our country, there is no legal framework for that, but it is not prohibited either. Commercial surrogacy is possible in California. This means that many intended parents will move to California and easily pay € 100,000 to give birth to a baby. For many Hollywood stars, such an amount is easy.

Which star was in front of them?

Therefore, more and more stars seem to choose surrogacy.

  • 2008, actress Nicole Kidman And country singer Keith Urban She herself published a press release announcing that her daughter, Faith Margaret, was born “with the support”. Kidman gave birth to her eldest daughter, Sunday Rose herself.
  • Couple of actors Sarah Jessica Parker When Matthew Broderick Loretta and Tabisa Hodge had a surrogate mother in 2009.
  • busy busy Lucy Liu Since 2015, he has been the mother of his son Rockwell Lloyd. “It seemed like the right choice because she didn’t know when to quit her job,” explained actress and artist Liu.
  • 2016, models and presenters were welcomed Tyra BanksHer boyfriend, Eric Arsa, known as “America’s Next Top Model,” raised a boy with the help of a surrogate mother who is suffering from fertility problems.
  • Music producer Kanye West And reality star / business woman Kim Kardashian After the complications, I hired a third and fourth descendant, Chicago, and a surrogate mother of the poetry. They didn’t keep it a secret, and Kardashian warmly thanked her agent on her website.
  • Actress and model were made in 2021 Amber Heard She confessed that she had a daughter “on her own terms”. She mentions her surrogacy.
  • singer Nick Jonas And actress Priyanka Chopra In January, he announced that he had a daughter by surrogacy.

Is there a trend in Hollywood?

It is often unclear whether celebrities choose surrogacy because of their health complications or because of their career and body shape. Of course, they may have the same medical problems as the average person, but they can afford surrogacy.

Even the biggest stars want some privacy, especially when it comes to their families. Therefore, most people do not openly admit it. However, as mentioned above, some of the famous Hollywood stars are transparent about it.

Surrogacy remains a limited phenomenon due to the lack of a legal framework. In Belgium, it is estimated that only 150 to 200 surrogacy arrangements have been registered in 30 years. There is no exact number yet.

In other countries, such as the United Kingdom, surrogacy is increasing more clearly. Surrogacy rates are expected to quadruple in 10 years, from 117 in 2011 to 413 in 2020, according to University of Kent statistics.

Source: vrt


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