Collect&Go, the online shopping service of retailer Colruyt Group, held a self-driving car test drive in Londerzeel on Wednesday. The vehicle traveled a distance of 4 kilometers from the distribution center to the collect-and-go collection point in Launderzeal.

The first test drive with an unmanned vehicle named CLEVON 1 took place in the parking lot of the distribution center in Londerzeel over the past few weeks. On Wednesday, the car was driven on public roads for a distance of four kilometers, but the actual driver was not in the vehicle.

CLEVON 1 uses 3 front cameras, 2 side cameras and 1 rear camera. The car is also equipped with short- and long-range radars that can measure distances and recognize and identify other vehicles, cyclists, pedestrians and other obstacles. CLEVON 1 communicates with the control room operator via a 4G connection. For safety, her two SIM cards from two different providers are used.

shortage of drivers

The company wants to thoroughly test the driverless car first before talking about further usability of the car. But I’m sure you’re interested.

Tom De Prater, Head of Collect&Go, said: “It is therefore important to bet on innovation, new solutions and cutting-edge technology. We are enthusiastic about the possibilities, but at the same time we are very real, step by step.”

Source: vrt


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