Sheryl Sandberg, Facebook’s parent company, the second most important executive of Internet giant Meta, has left the company after 14 years of work, after Mark Zuckerberg. “It’s time to write the next chapter in my life,” she said in a Facebook post. Sandberg was central to the success of the tech giant’s main business, but was also in control during Facebook’s scandal era.

Sandberg, 52, was a social media giant and chief operating officer (COO) for 14 years. She left Google in 2008, four years before Facebook was released. “When I got this job, I wanted to play this role for five years. Fourteen years later, it was time to write the next chapter in my life.” Sandberg announces resignation via Facebook† However, Sandberg retains Meta’s board of directors and will not disappear altogether.

“Sheryl Sandberg is actually the most powerful woman in Silicon Valley and American tech,” VRTNWS journalist Bram Vandeputte said in the “morning” of Radio 1. Her impact on Facebook’s evolution as a global player cannot be underestimated. “Before she joined Facebook, the company’s annual revenue was $ 153 million, but now it’s $ 118 billion,” she said in her stock market after announcing her departure. Meta’s share fell by 3%.

The end of an era

“This is the end of the era.” CEO Mark Zuckerberg responds via his own Facebook page† “When Cheryl joined me in 2008, I was 23 and knew very little about running a business. We built a great product, the Facebook website, but it’s still profitable. I didn’t have a high-end business and was having a hard time. The transition from a small start-up to a real organization. ”

“Cheryl designed our advertising business, hired talented people, built a business culture, and taught us how to run our business. She created opportunities for millions of people around the world. , Deserves praise for much of today’s meta. ” Zuckerberg COO.

Mark Zuckerberg

Batter timing

The exact reason why Sandberg is leaving is not clear. She herself always thought that her position would last only five years, and she says it’s time for the next chapter in her life.

“I’m not sure what the future holds, but I want to participate in my foundation and philanthropy,” she writes. She also announced that she would get married this summer and she wants to spend more time with her family.

But Vandeputte knows that her departure was in the air for some time: “There were already rumors that she would leave, and they have increased in recent years.” According to Vandeputte, her departure. The exact timing of is impressive. “The announcement was a bit unexpected because the area around Sandberg was quiet for a while.”

Sandberg himself says she made the final decision to resign this weekend, but the fact that she and Meta announced their resignation just as Depp Hard’s trial was taken over is noteworthy. To do. “To fill the news,” Vandeputte thinks.

Scandals on Facebook and Meta

Sandberg’s journey within Facebook and Meta didn’t go perfectly smoothly. In recent years, scandals have occurred one after another in tech giants.

In 2018, Facebook caused a major problem when investigations revealed that the company did little to fight disinformation, leading to a genocide in Myanmar.

In addition, there was a huge data scandal in which Facebook secretly passed user data to the British company Cambridge Analytica. That data was used to help US President Trump win the election. And more recently, Facebook has also played an important role in the flow of the US Capitol.

Meta result?

Sandberg’s resignation may also be a good time for Zuckerberg’s CEO. Fewer people are finding a way to the Meta platform, user growth is slowing, and advertising revenue is being tested. Therefore, Meta wants to completely renew its corporate culture, especially focusing on the development of the new virtual world, Metaverse.

The relationship between Zuckerberg and Sandberg was also not optimal lately, says Bram Van der Putte. -Especially after the Cambridge Analytica scandal-I wanted to take a stricter policy against disinformation. “

Zuckerberg announced in his Facebook post that Javier Olivan, who is currently an executive on four major Meta apps (Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp and Messenger), will be the successor to Meta and become the new COO. But he also adds that it will be a different job than Sandberg has done over the last 14 years.

“Her work is divided,” explains Van deputte. “Therefore, there will be a new COO, but his authority will be much less than Sandberg, which also guarantees that Zuckerberg himself will be even more powerful against Facebook and Meta.”

Source: vrt


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