The number of suspicious calls made by robots is increasing. This is reported by Safeonweb, a government hotline for suspicious phone calls and emails. Local police zones are also aware that scammers are increasingly using this. How accurately do you recognize the so-called “Robocall” and what do you do about them?

The voice of the robot on the phone indicates that there is a problem with your bank account. Press 1 to transfer to the help desk. Or, a pre-recorded message indicates that you are being sought after by Europol, a European police cooperating organization. These are two examples of rogue “Robocall” currently in a round. Scammers find your phone number through data breaches and take advantage of this tactic.

Enter the number and the real person will answer the phone. However, this is not a real bank or police employee, but a scammer trying to find information such as a bank card code. target? Gain your trust and plunder your account.According to, such a suspicious call comes Safeonweb And the police are more and more.

Source: vrt


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