The popular YouTuber techno blade has died of cancer. The 23-year-old American had 10 million followers and was primarily interested in Minecraft videos. In his final posthumous video titled “Goodbye Geek,” he said goodbye to his fans and revealed his real name.

YouTuber in the United States has become known for making videos while playing the game Minecraft. Last year he announced that he was suffering from cancer. Hours before his death, he wrote a farewell message to his fans, which was posted on his channel by his family.

His father read his last message. He was supposed to say it himself. “He wanted to wait until he got a little better, but he waited too long,” his father said in a video. In his personal message, he says goodbye to his fans and reveals his real name. Apparently it was Alex, not Dave, as he was jokingly insisting for a while.

Then his father talks about how the video was born. “He wrote a few paragraphs, but it’s gone. He lived for another eight hours,” his father said emotionally. “We were all able to say goodbye.” He also mentions how important his YouTube followers were to him.

The video ends with a written message from his mother. “He loved his work and his fans,” she reports in particular. “He worked hard to avoid his personal fame and keep his identity secret. We respect your wishes and now protect his privacy and the privacy of his family. Please do. “

Watch the latest video below.

Source: vrt


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