WATCH Flemish couple have terrifying scare on motorway to holiday destination in France: ‘I thought something had flown into our car’

They had just gone on holiday to France, but Lin (32) and Wouter (33) from Lefdal almost had to return home. On their way to the Ile-de-Re vacation spot, they encounter a burning truck on the highway. “We could see the smoke from far away, it was a deep black column of smoke and you could even feel the heat,” Lin says. However, the worst was about to happen. As Lin tries to drive past the burning car, suddenly there is a giant explosion. Flying debris almost hits their car. Panicking, the couple quickly pulls over to the side of the road. “Fortunately, our car was not damaged, but after our incident, the State Emergency Service completely closed the road. They were also dangerously close at the time of the explosion.”

Source : HLN

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