In Lille, northern France, an immunization center is exceptionally open today for anyone wanting to be vaccinated against the monkeypox virus. It is possible without reservation. Many Belgians are expected. In recent days, several compatriots have already crossed the border, where vaccination is facilitated.

9am to 5pm “business days” due to the current limited opening hours and waiting times being too long. Lille city websiteLille City Council wants to up gear.

Many Belgians are also expected in Lille. In recent days, dozens of our compatriots have already crossed the border in search of monkeypox vaccine. In our country, only a limited group is eligible for vaccination. For more information on standards, please see this article. More people are eligible in France, and there are simply more vaccines available.

“We target men who have sex with other men, transgender people with different sexual partners, and sex workers. They are simply the most vulnerable people, and therefore also our priority target group,” Karima Chouir, head of the vaccination center in Lille, France, said earlier this week. “Our Belgian neighbors are very welcome.”

Our nation will only have 3,040 doses of the monkeypox vaccine by October to make do. Only then would an additional 30,000 doses be expected. As a result, not everyone who wants the vaccine can get it at this time. In Holland, France and Germany, get her second dose at least 4 weeks later. You can read more about the differences between European countries in this article.

At least 482 people in our country have already been infected with the monkeypox virus, all men between the ages of 16 and 71. 28 people were hospitalized. The latest numbers are from his August 2nd. A weekly report on the situation in our country can be found at: Siensano.

Source: vrt


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