This afternoon, the highlight of the Amsterdam Pride is the Canal Pride Parade. A procession of 80 very colorful ships pass through Amsterdam’s Prinsengracht and attract 100,000 spectators. Already in its 25th edition, it is very special as the Corona pandemic has thrown a spanner in the work in the last two years.

Last Saturday, Amsterdam Pride started with the Pride Walk. Thousands of people walked from Dam Square to Vondelpark to demand equal rights for the LGBTQ+ community. But today’s highlight is the Canal Pride Parade. Representatives of all sorts of organizations navigate the Prinsengracht, says Frans Van der Avert, president of the Pride Amsterdam Foundation, in Morning. “Jewish and Moroccan ships, refugee ships, police ships…”

Amsterdam Pride has had to downsize significantly over the past two years due to the Corona pandemic. Canal Pride could not be held at all. “Everyone is incredibly happy to be allowed again.” Pride’s purpose of demanding equal rights for the LGBTQ+ community is still needed in the Netherlands. “Here and in Amsterdam, people are still being abused and attacked, with posters being vandalized and rainbow flags being stolen.”

In Brussels, during the Pride, there was an awareness film, a health village, and you could go to Sensoa to ask all your questions about the monkeypox virus. The virus is currently circulating primarily among men who have sexual contact with men. This is not foreseen in Amsterdam, because, as van der Abert emphasizes, “Pride is not a sexual party, but a substantive party.”

Source: vrt


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