In the UK, a machine that artificially kept 12-year-old brain-dead boy Archie Battersbee alive has stopped working. That’s what his mother said. His parents objected for weeks, but several court proceedings followed, following the doctor’s decision that continuing Archie’s treatment was futile.

Stopping treatment puts an end to a lengthy legal battle. On April 7th, Archie was found unconscious in her home. His mother suspects he took part in an online challenge in which participants had to become unconscious.Since then, Archie has been on a respirator and has never regained consciousness. There was not.

Doctors said he was brain dead and had no more help. His parents, who still had hopes of recovery, disagreed and opposed the decision to stop treatment.

Their final request to the court was to take Archie to a palliative care facility. They said he could die with dignity in front of his family. has ruled that it is not in the best interests of the hospital. Archie is also officially dead.

Source: vrt


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