Ukraine’s ground development is not a turning point in war. This is what former Colonel and Defense Specialist Roger Hausen said in Radio 1’s “World Today.” Recently, Russian troops have suffered several major losses due to failed attempts to cross the river and a powerful Ukrainian counterattack. North of Kharkov. “We go back and forth between what they can do for a long time,” Housen said.

The Ukrainian army has a victorious atmosphere. The Ukrainian counterattack not only went smoothly north of Kharkov, but also suffered a major defeat to Russian troops on the Siverskyi Donets. The Russians built a pontoon bridge to cross the river a few days ago, but a counterattack by Ukraine could have lost an entire battlegroup of dozens of vehicles and hundreds of soldiers.

But this is not a turning point in the war, says Rogerhausen, a former colonel and defense specialist on Radio 1, “The World Today.” The second half of the soccer match. I haven’t heard anything about what happened before that attempt. “

The pontoon bridge, which the Russians could first build, probably would not have come without a fight. “They had to push the enemy away on the Ukrainian side so that they could build a small beachhead. I don’t know how much loss was incurred to push the Ukrainian army back.”


According to Housen, there are special developments in Kharkov. “The Ukrainian head unit can recapture about 600 square kilometers of its territory and is located 10 kilometers from the Russian border. From there, they take the Russian city of Bergorodo, which has about 370,000 inhabitants. You can threaten with a cannon. ”

Belgorod is a Russian operational base for combat in the Donbus region, including logistics hubs, fuel depots, and ammunition sent from there to Donbus. “In addition, operational combat units have been assembled and are now at risk of being attacked by Ukrainian artillery.”

Therefore, Russians are facing a dilemma, says Hausen. “If they deploy spare units in and around Belgorod to repel the Ukrainian attack, they will not be able to use them in Donbus and may change the balance of power.”

Against the clock

In any case, this round trip is saying that Hausen can last for a long time. “Ukrainians cannot push back Russians sensitively, and on the other hand, they do not have enough human resources to push back Ukrainians. It will be a battle against time. Who is the greatest? Can we have reserves of Ukrainians and bring them forward as soon as possible, and how soon will European and American weapons arrive? “

Source: vrt


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