The first convoy of seven young patients from Ukraine and their loved ones landed at Melsbroek’s military airport. Its purpose is to provide appropriate treatment to patients suffering from serious conditions such as leukemia, now that their country is in a state of war.

Young patients are 2 to 17 years old. They suffer from blood cancers such as leukemia, or solid tumors such as brain tumors.

According to FPS Public Health, the young patient first traveled from the Ukrainian city of Lviv to Poland. Hospitals were set up there to coordinate the evacuation of childhood cancer patients from Ukraine to various European countries.

From Poland, Belgium’s emergency assistance, B-FAST, has arranged a charter flight to Belgium. A team of pediatricians, nurses and translators accompanied the flight. As soon as the children arrived in Belgium, they were transferred to the Queen Astrid Military Hospital in Nedeovehenbeek. Medical professionals examined them there.

Children will receive further treatment at various specialized centers in Belgium. Relatives of young patients live near the hospital.

Medical evacuation is the result of successful collaboration between multiple partners and emphasizes FPS public health. For example, the Belgian Pediatric Hematology and Oncology Society (BSPHO) was the contact point with the Polish team for organizing evacuation. BSPHO was also responsible for the assignment to these centers in Belgium.

In addition, there was support from patient groups Kick Cancer, Aide aux Enfants Cancéreux, Kinderkankerfonds, Sun Child and Tuki. The European Commission will pay 75% of the transportation costs and coordinate medical evacuation.

Source: vrt


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