Maria “Masha” Alechina, a famous activist of Russian punk band Pussy Riot, has fled Russia. Her lawyer said she was able to escape even though she was under police surveillance. It is not clear where “Masha” is now.

Alechina was arrested in February and released in April. After that she was put under her supervision. It was yet another move by the Kremlin against a group that was very critical of the Kremlin’s powers.

Alexei had previously called for demonstrations in front of the government’s imprisoned opponent, Alexei Navalny. She went on a hunger strike shortly thereafter. In 2012, she was sentenced to two years in prison for protesting President Vladimir Putin in a church in so-called punk prayer.

The Russian ruler has put several members of Pussy Riot on the list of so-called foreign agents. According to opponents who threaten them and limit their influence.

A month ago, VRTNWS spoke with Alechina, who opposes the war in Ukraine. “Now the whole world is witnessing terrible crimes in Ukraine. The whole world can see who the so-called Kremlin people really are. They did not start this fascist regime two months ago. It has been going on for years. “”

Basically, Pussy Riot will perform at Leuven’s Het Depot on May 20th. The tour “Riot Days” shows how they are being persecuted by protest votes in Russia. The other members of Pussy Riot were already abroad.

Who is the “national enemy” Masha Alechina?

Alechina (33) was born in Moscow. As a child, she had already asked many questions, which were not always appreciated in the Russian education system. She had to change schools several times.

In the summer of 2011, she was a founding member of the openly critical band Pussy Riot. Exactly a year later, Arecina was sentenced to two years in prison for an anti-Putin performance at the Moscow Cathedral.

In 2014 she founded an organization with others Zona Pravac He stood up to deal with human rights abuses in prisons. For the Kremlin, activism without fear of Alechina is a nuisance.

Source: vrt


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