Belgium has donated € 27.55 million to the EU International Donor Conference for Syria. That’s what Belgium’s ambassador to the EU, Willem van de Fold, says. This is the sixth meeting organized by the EU to help the Syrian people who have been suffering from the war for 11 years. The conference raised 6.4 billion euros.

According to Belgium’s EU ambassador Willem van de Fold, the € 20.5 million Belgian donation will be donated to a humanitarian organization operating in Syria itself. Belgium also offers flexible funding to accept Syrian refugees in Lebanon and Jordan.

The conference will be chaired by Josep Borrell, Senior Representative for Foreign Affairs and Security Policy of the European Commission. “We must remember the Syrians and continue to promote peaceful Syria,” Borrell said. According to the Spaniards, the EU will spend € 1 billion more than expected in 2022. This year it totals € 1.56 billion and will be allocated next year.

“Our main task is to keep our pledges of international aid at the same level as last year. The needs are still enormous. Syria is no longer in the news all over the world, but it is not much talked about. But Syrians live in poverty. Almost everyone in Syria lives in poverty. 60% of the population suffers from food insecurity (…) and the war in Ukraine is food. Will push up the price of energy further and make the situation on the ground worse, “Borell said.

Total revenue 6.4 billion

Twenty-seven EU member states participate in the Syrian Donor Conference. Countries in the Syrian region will also have a say at the conference, from Jordan and Lebanon to Turkey, Egypt and Iraq.

The conference generated a total of 6.4 billion euros. The European Commission’s Olivér Várheylyi announced last night that it promised € 4.1 billion this year and € 2.3 billion next year. The EU and its member states are responsible for € 4.8 billion.

Source: vrt


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