In London, Prince Charles addressed the throne in front of the British Parliament. In that speech from the throne, the British government announced next year’s policy priorities and new legislation. Speeches from the throne are usually given by Queen Elizabeth (96), but she was unable to attend due to her health problems. Prince Charles (73), the heir to the throne, took over his honor with his son Prince William (39).

The Queen has been suffering from her health for some time. She has canceled her commitment several times in the last few months. According to royal watcher Flip Feyten, she has pulled muscles in her back, making it difficult to walk. “Maybe she doesn’t want to be seen in her wheelchair,” he says.

Her schedule was significantly shortened last year, but she is still working. “She still signs statutory documents and accepts people at Windsor Castle. She has a weekly video conference with the Prime Minister. There is nothing wrong with her mentally. It’s very obvious, but she Is difficult to move, “says Feiten. “It was a miracle that the busy schedule until last year was insane. She is 96 years old and still does a lot.”

one time

According to Buckingham Palace, the Queen was very reluctant to cancel her annual meeting with Congress. The fact that she has been replaced by Prince Charles is completely in line with the rules.

“If the Queen can’t go somewhere, she’ll be replaced by a state adviser. It’s four. The first two are Charles and William. It’s her decision that they’re coming. She’s this power. I have not abandoned. ” It only applies to this opportunity. .. Prince Charles had previously attended the throne speech, but Prince William was the first.

The Queen has not abandoned this power. Applies only in this case.

Loyalty watcher, Flip Feiten

“Prince Charles has already taken over many missions from the Queen. Prince William also takes over her work from your hands, so the mission is slowly transferred and it happens more and more. It’s a very stage. It’s a transition. Charles’ image As he becomes king, reading speeches from the throne will be common within a few years. ”

The Queen’s throne was robbed

The throne where the Queen normally sits has been removed. Instead, there was a table with the Imperial State Crown. Prince Charles was sitting in the chair where Prince Phillip, the husband of the Queen who died last year, was sitting.

Charles read the government’s speech as neutrally as possible. He talked about “His Majesty’s Government”, otherwise the Queen would say “My Government”.

Prince William, Prince Charles and his wife Camilla. The throne on which the Queen normally sits has been removed.

Opening year

The year of parliament begins with the announcement of the speech from the throne. The UK Government’s priority is to support families facing economic growth and rising living costs. The government plans to introduce legislation for cheaper, cleaner energy, better housing and education reform.

The Welsh prince also mentioned the war in Ukraine. “Government will play a leading role in protecting democracy and freedom around the world,” he said. Charles also said the government “continues to seize the opportunity” created by Brexit and announced other plans for the economy.

The speech from the throne did not say anything about Elizabeth’s absence. Charles said she was looking forward to the festival next month as her mother had been on the throne for 70 years.

The throne speech will be given at the House of Lords in Westminster.


The speech from the throne is full of tradition, but it was tailored to the occasion. For example, no carriage had six white horses leaving Buckingham Palace and heading to Westminster’s Parliament. Prince Charles and Prince William arrived there in a deep Burgundy royal house-colored limousine. Charles’ wife Camilla also attended the ceremony.

The actual stage of the speech from the throne is the House of Lords. Blackrod, the representative of the monarch, urges members of the House of Commons to come to the House of Commons for a speech from the throne. According to tradition, the door was closed and knocked three times in front of the representative to emphasize the independence of the House of Commons.

The Imperial State Crown was driven to Parliament.

When everyone is in the House of Lords, the Queen is handed a speech in a silk bag. Now her honor belonged to Prince Charles. It was the third time that the Queen of the British Empire was prevented from reading her speech from the throne. It happened before 1959 and 1963 when she was very pregnant. This is the first time Prince Charles has replaced her here.

In the absence of the former Queen, the speech from the throne was read by the Lord High Chancellor. The successor to the throne read the speech from the throne from the beginning of the 19th century.

The House of Commons will discuss the speech from the throne within a few days, followed by a vote. The law will probably be passed, as the government makes up the majority.

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