Mitch Fondue will soon be trapped in a Spanish kennel for 24 hours. He does this to condemn the dire situation of many animals in shelters. “Take the toilet paper and eat it from the bowl,” Mitch says on Radio 2.

Mitch Fondue, 29, is trapped in a Spanish kennel for 24 hours. His actions begin at 3 pm. “I want to pay attention to the animals in thousands of shelters around the world. I’m spontaneously in the cage, but dogs won’t,” Fondue said on Radio 2. Needs in southern Spain (SHIN).

The plan is simple. “Enter the pen containing the Rottweiler. Enter with just a bucket, toilet paper, water, and a toothbrush. Don’t deliberately bring a cell phone or book. I want to feel loneliness and despair. Dog.” Fondue also from the dog bowl eat. “I’m pretty sure I won’t get dog food.”

Source: vrt


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