Queen Elizabeth II, 96, of England, will not attend the opening ceremony of the Parliamentary Year. Traditionally, she gives a speech from her throne or a “queen’s speech,” but she is absent this year for health reasons. The Queen was difficult to walk and she revoked some of her duties in the last few months.

The opening of the Parliament in London is traditionally accompanied by a “Queen’s Speech”, during which the Queen reads out the British Government’s policy plans. But this year, Elizabeth entrusts her mission to her son, Prince Charles, 73, but he never takes her throne.

You can follow the speech from the throne in VRTNWS or the app. There is a detailed explanation from experts on the British royal family Flip Feiten.

British courts have long waited for the decision to be published. According to a statement at Buckingham Palace, it is also a decision made “reluctantly” by the Queen.

Elizabeth, 96, has difficulty walking and has revoked her obligations several times in the last few months. For example, she wasn’t attending Easter service. She will also not attend the three garden parties this month at Buckingham Palace for the first time since the Corona Pandemic. She will also miss a garden party at the domain of the Palace of Holyroodhouse in Scotland at the end of June.

This year, Elizabeth was only shown at the March Thanksgiving Mass for her husband, Prince Phillip, who died last April.

Next month, a four-day festival is planned for Elizabeth, who will take the throne for 70 years this year. In all those years she only missed two speeches from her throne: 1959 and 1963, because she was pregnant every time.

Charles takes over

All of the Queen’s aides are always aware that everything can be canceled at the last minute, says correspondent Leah van Behofen. “She is celebrating her 70th anniversary, so there are a lot of events going on. This is usually done a few months ago, but now everything is uncertain. The festival she attends. Which festival is it and which is not?

Heir apparent Prince Charles is now taking over more and more duties from the Queen. Van Behofen states that he is not really preparing for the royal family.

“The fact that he and his son William will soon attend the opening ceremony of the parliament, it is not a matter of the Queen’s speech, but of the prince’s speech, which of course shows that the monarchy is healthy, Its continuity is guaranteed. That’s the message. “

Source: vrt


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