Ferdinand Marcos Jr., the son of former Philippine dictator Ferdinand Marcos, won a landslide in the Philippine Presidential Election. This victory, which was chased by the country after the 1986 uprising, is a great boost to the Marcos family, who have regained important positions in recent years.

Marcos Jr. (64 years old) currently has about 30 million votes because more than 90% of the votes were counted. It’s more than double his main enemy, opposition leader and vice president Leni Robredo.

Marcos Jr., nicknamed “Bongbong,” has already made a cautious victory speech. In it, he thanked his supporters for months of effort. “Wait until 100 percent of the votes are counted, and we can celebrate,” he said.

Terror politics and corruption

Corruption and human rights abuses were frequent under Marcos’s 20-year terrorist politics, but his family, especially Marcos’ wife Imelda, was also known to be particularly extravagant. First Lady is said to have collected over 3,000 pairs of shoes and an impressive jewelry collection.

There is no doubt about Marcos Junior. He was in dire straits for some time, including not paying € 3.7 billion in taxes on his father’s property, and was convicted in 1995 for failing to file a three-year tax return in the mid-1980s. Received.

The fact that he was able to win the trust of Filipino voters is due to a wise campaign, says correspondent Chris Janssen: “The most important explanation is that the Philippines has a very young population. Most of the voters know his father Marcos. The Marcos Junior election campaign took advantage of this: it was mainly done on social media, there was a lot of debate about Father Marcos’ past, and it was corrupt. There were all sorts of allegations about abuse of power, torture, and infringement of human rights. Asked. Drawn. And it wasn’t too bad and you were told you don’t have to believe those stories. By the way. “

Vague program

By the way, Marcos does not have a clear program. “In the campaign, he barely revealed what he was going to do in the country,” said correspondent Chris Janssen. “He hasn’t participated in major election debates. He tries to avoid critical questions and most of the time with lots of music and lots of shows to hide that he really doesn’t have a program. We held a rally. “

“His supporters are always talking about unity. Marcos will be the unity person who unites the country. From a foreign policy perspective, he has more with China than his traditional ally, the United States. Will seek reconciliation. I know what he is trying to do. ”

The current president, Rodrigo Duterte, could no longer run because the Constitution allows only one term. His daughter, Sarah Duterte Carpio, may be the next Vice President.

About 67 million Filipinos participated in the general election vote. This includes elections for the Vice President, parliamentarians, half of the Senators, the Governor, and thousands of other local civil servants.

Source: vrt


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