In China, former Chinese Justice Minister Fu Zhenghua was given a suspended death sentence. Zhenghua said he took a bribe of 16.8 million euros. The sentence will be commuted to life imprisonment within his two years, with no possibility of release, according to Chinese state television. According to China correspondent Leanne Verbeek, President Xi Jinping is also using the fight against corruption as a means of eliminating political opponents.

Fu Zhenghua, 67, is another senior Chinese official accused of corruption. Fu was given a suspended death sentence. Although he is not ultimately killed, his sentence will result in him being commuted to life imprisonment within two years with no possibility of release. Fu He served as Minister of Justice from 2018 to March this year. He himself has led many significant anti-corruption cases.

Former Justice Minister Fu Zhenghua faces judgment in the Changchun Court.

Hu is not the first high-ranking official to be convicted of corruption. The Chinese Communist Party has long wanted to tackle corruption in China. “Under current President Xi Jinping, the battle against corruption has intensified,” said China correspondent Leanne Verbeek. “Corruption has certainly been a big problem, but it remains to be seen whether it has gone away.

It is a bonus for President Xi Jinping to get rid of such an important rival as well.

China correspondent Leen Vervaeke

Fu was also said to have been part of Sun Lijun’s faction, a former Minister of Public Security. Like Fu, Sun is also suspected of corruption and “disloyalty to the president.” Therefore, according to Vervaeke, “It is a nice bonus for President Xi Jinping to be able to eliminate an important rival in this way.” So kill two birds with one stone. “Often it involves people from competing factions within the Communist Party. Specific groups belonging to factions or people who support specific leaders are targeted,” he said. .

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