Opinions in Europe are divided on the possibility of accepting Russians fleeing their country because they are mobilized to fight in Ukraine. The Czech Republic and the Baltic States do not want to accept Russian deserters. Germany is happy to do it. “Anyone who has the courage to oppose President Putin and thereby endanger himself can apply for political asylum in Germany,” German Interior Minister Nancy Feser said. Europe is committed to the guidelines of the various Member States.

1. Do (Russian) deserters have the right to defection?

In any event, whether Russian deserters are eligible for asylum in Europe is not a yes/no question. It is quite possible that some Russians have serious conscientious objection and are at serious risk of persecution in their own country, which is a strong basis for the right to asylum,” Marie said. Professor de Sommer explains in Radio 1’s Today’s World.

2. Does Germany’s position remind us of Angela Merkel’s “Wirwerving das” statement?

Germany is ready to receive deserters from the Russian army. German Interior Minister Nancy Feser said in a newspaper interview: “Russians who bravely oppose Putin and thereby put themselves at risk are under serious threat of repression and will seek asylum in Germany. can do it,” he said.

“I think Germany has the right attitude. Germany chooses to respect the human right to exile. As an opponent of the Russian dictatorship, it is important that Europe respects human rights at home and at its borders,” said DE. Summer says

Belgium’s Secretary of State for Asylum and Immigration, Nicole de Moore (CD&V), replied that “regular asylum procedures also apply to Russians.” A person from Russia can file an asylum application, the individual file of which will be processed by the Asylum and Immigration Service.

De Somer finds the comparison to Chancellor Angela Merkel’s “Wir buy das” statement during the 2015 European migrant crisis too broad. “Germany then took the lead and played an important and active role. Today there is no threat of a large-scale humanitarian catastrophe like in 2015.” During the European refugee crisis, mainly Millions of refugees from conflict zones in the Middle East and Africa tried to reach Europe.

3. Are there European guidelines for Russians applying for asylum?

The European Commission and the European Agency in Exile are working hard on guidelines on the possible reception of Russian deserters and dissidents. As war broke out in Ukraine and sanctions against Russia were imposed, the European Commission issued guidelines to help Russian dissidents obtain humanitarian visas.

“Europe’s division on this important immigration issue is already disappointing, but development is fully underway. A new directive will probably come from Europe in the next few days. Although not binding, it will acquire European policy You are welcome to do so,” de Sommer said.

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