At the 77th session of the United Nations General Assembly in New York, Prime Minister Alexander de Cruz (Open VLD) called for greater solidarity and cooperation in a poignant and poignant speech. He mainly referred to the war in Ukraine. In his speech, de Cruz said, “You only need one person to undermine progress.” “But it takes many hands to make progress.”

“I would like to begin with the story of Karina, 22,” Prime Minister Alexander de Cruz opened his address to the 77th session of the United Nations General Assembly in New York. Eight years ago, she fled when Russia invaded eastern Ukraine when she was a teenager. Now, eight years later, her family is once again forced to flee the Russian invasion.

Karina decided to stay home and keep in touch with her family by phone. “Soon there was only radio silence. After the retreat of the Russian barbarians, Karina’s painful fate was revealed. Her body was clawed out and her legs were pierced by bullets. They tortured her and probably raped her as well.”

medieval barbarism

With Karina, de Creux sets the tone for the rest of his speech: the war in Ukraine. He is a strong critic of Moscow. This is very striking, as in the past Belgian politicians have usually used rather diplomatic language towards Russia. “Russia has launched a war that is reminiscent of Europe’s darkest days. Recent statements and threats to unleash nuclear war against independent nations once again demonstrate Russia’s ruthlessness. To Russian greatness.” .”

De Cruz emphasizes the role played by the United Nations in this conflict. “No more wars, that was the promise. Schools on European soil will never be bombed again. Hospitals will never be targeted. We must bring the principles of the UN Charter to the fore.” Territorial integrity and national sovereignty.”

a lot of hunger, little grain

The prime minister also referred to a grain agreement signed between the United Nations and Russia, brokered by Turkey. He called the agreement a “beacon of hope” and praised the efforts of the United Nations.

Still, two months later, the deal doesn’t look like much of a success. After all, most of the grain was exported to wealthy, mainly European countries. Poor countries on the brink of famine, most in need of grain, received only 4% of his grain. So far, the United Nations World Food Program has only allowed him to charter three ships to transport grain to starving countries.

we have to be honest. We live in times of war, and governments alone cannot bear the burden of this war.

Prime Minister Alexander de Cruz (Open Vld)

About electricity and climate

“In addition to the food crisis, the war in Russia is also causing a global energy crisis,” continues de Cruz. “In Belgium, too, people are struggling to pay their electricity bills, and high electricity prices are forcing small businesses to close. We must stand in solidarity and bear the burden of this war together. .”

The prime minister is considering three solutions to tackle high electricity prices. First and foremost, he stresses the importance of continuing to support families and businesses. He refers to the federal government’s recent decision on around €400 in energy support for gas and electricity. “We leave no one behind,” he says.

It is clear that we will not compromise when it comes to democratic principles and individual rights.

Prime Minister Alexander de Cruz (Open Vld)

The Prime Minister further stressed that now is the time for action. Among other things, he cites the investments Belgium is making in the renewable wind energy and nuclear energy sectors. This is not only important for reducing our dependence on unreliable energy suppliers, but it is also very important for the climate. “Never before has international cooperation been so important. Rather than destroy it with bombs and hate, let us embrace this opportunity.”

Third, the prime minister wants more solidarity. “We must be honest. We live in times of war, and governments alone cannot bear the burden of this war. It is a difficult message, but the only truth. We We must bear the burden of this war together and show our solidarity with each other.

Source: vrt


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