The German government wants two of its three remaining nuclear power plants to be operational by at least April next year. She does this to avoid the risk of running out of energy this winter. According to Germany’s Economy and Energy Minister Robert Habeck, this is a necessary decision.

Two of the three remaining nuclear power plants in southern Germany, Isar 2 in Bavaria and Neckarwestheim in northern Stuttgart, will supply Germany with energy until at least mid-April 2023. This was announced today by Germany’s Economy and Energy Minister Robert Habeck. Germany has long planned to completely abandon nuclear energy, and has therefore postponed the complete closure of two nuclear power plants for the time being.

Habeck’s political party, The Greens, has long opposed nuclear energy. In recent months, the party admitted that it had to revise its position due to the coincidence of circumstances. So now it has been decided that he will keep two of the three power plants in operation longer.

Like Belgium, the energy debate has been heating up in Germany for some time now. The government is still planning to close Emsland’s No. 3 plant, despite opposition parties calling for it to remain operational and even build a new one. In addition, the government has announced energy-saving measures and urged citizens to consume as little energy as possible.

Source: vrt


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